Wide Receiver Fantasy Football Rankings “The Blueprint Top 30”

Hey Fantasy Football Friends! Publishing my Top 30 receivers for the 2019 NFL season in July. As I continue to analyze my top 151 receivers overall. No rookies made this list. Always talking 1 point per reception season long leagues with these rankings and projecting these players to finish here at year’s end. Its about finding value, selecting your league winners, historical data and what will be. Amongst the many aspects of ranking players.

These rankings are written for the purpose of myself argueing with myself in order to figure out where players stand pre-season. If you don’t write down your thoughts? Give it a try! It helps and lets you realize if your too high or too low on a receiver. If you can’t make a case or a case for a receiver doesn’t sit well with you. Then trust yourself because every year the expert consensus rankings are filled with hits and misses. Rather use those rankings as a foundation for how to find value in your Leagues. Consensus rankings are safe rankings in my opinion and while I respect many experts in the industry. I just don’t see enough foresight in those rankings yearly. My rankings are all about what will be. It has led to success but every year one must reset, refocus, read and re-deliver the goods.

Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Rankings

Top 30

  1. Michael Thomas (Saints) – Expect Thomas to be peppered with a historic amount of targets within the Saints offense. Saints spread the ball out, however Thomas is a huge redzone threat and expect career highs across the board for targets. This is Drew Brees last season before his arm drops off in my opinion and Thomas is a solid value late in round 1. Secure yourself a 16 game healthy, slower mutant who will continue to grow. If not a historic season for targets, we can count on efficiency from Mr. Muscles. Its a win win!
  2. DeAndre Hopkins (Texans) – My #1 ranked receiver in 2018 won’t repeat in 2019. Still money with his volume and efficiency. In his prime.
  3. Julio Jones (Falcons) – Basically Julio finishes no less than 4th every year! His questionable tag weekly can be annoying. While his 2,000 yard potential is exciting! Improved offensive line is good news in the ATL!
  4. JuJu Smith Schuster (Steelers) – May lead NFL in targets, #1 option entering 3rd season, motivated even further to prove his worth and money in round 2.
  5. Antonio Brown (Raiders) – Mr. Small Chest is out prove he is the best in the business, only caring about himself and best buds with Carr. Brown will get targeted all day long and produce at an elite level. Im expecting two 200 yard performances from Brown!
  6. Davante Adams (Packers) – Double digit touchdown darling in an offense I don’t believe in, a head coach I don’t believe in. Fading Adams at his round 1 ADP. Expecting the ball to be spread around in the new offense and Rodgers isn’t going to be able to just sling the rock to his boy. At least not until mid season when Lafleur gets off his high horse and hands the reigns over to Rodgers in order to save his job and restore faith in the locker room. The Packers are deep on offense and with an anticipated improvement on defense. Gamescipts may not favor Adams being targeted in garbage time like in 2018.
  7. Odell Beckham Jr. (Browns) – Toss up between OBJ, Evans and Adams. Thinking OBJ opens things up for others which limits his top 5 upside in my opinion. Top ten receiver ceiling.
  8. Mike Evans (Buccaneers) – Consistent receiver yearly in a pass friendly offense. He has shown a good repore with Jameis Winston.
  9. Adam Thielen (Vikings) – Another safe receiver, monitoring his health and usage in the offensive. He fell off after a historic start in 2018. Can we attribute that to Dalvin Cook’s return and the offensive coordinator change? Yes we can. Thielan in round 3 when he drops is okay with me.
  10. Amari Cooper (Cowboys) – Expect Cooper to be more consistent on a weekly basis versus his disgusting Raider days. He is a perfect fit as we saw for the Cowboys and Kellen Moore will utilize him. We can trust in the Cowboys using him as a true #1 receiver each week target wise.
  11. Keenan Allen (Chargers) – I’ve had him as low as 15 and as high as 3. I just don’t know at the moment. Hunter Henry is why. Mike Williams will take another step forward and soak up targets. We know the backs get fed too. If Allen gets off to a hot start he may surprise some and push for a 100+ reception season.
  12. A.J. Green (Bengals) – Outside my top ten as of now. If new coach and playcaller Zac Taylor brings Ram’s offensive concepts to town? Expecting the ball being spread around with Joe Mixon having a huge Gurley like ceiling (within reason, oline is not nearly as good as Rams).
  13. Tyreek Hill (Chiefs) – Every Fantasy Football Season there are players who put fear in your opponents. Hill is a gamewrecker and maybe homewrecker. Which will likely lead to him serving a 4 game suspension. Im still drafting him because come week 5 my lineups will have a gamewrecker as my number 2 or 3 receiver. There is no downturn in Hill’s productivity yet! Although injuries mounted up last season, Hill has been healthy in his short career. Statline the last two seasons supports his WR 1 status, Mr. Efficiency two straight seasons means not an outlier in Andy Reid’s offense. 2018 was his 1st season with Mahomes too!
  14. Stefon Diggs (Vikings) – Entering his 5th season. Coming off a career high year with 149 targets and 9 touchdowns in 2019. Diggs caught nearly 70% of those targets for 102 receptions and 1,021 yards. He also played in a career high 15 games which is saying alot for what seems to be a potential muscle injury candidate weekly. Maybe at 25 years of age, 4 years in, means Diggs has a better understanding of his health/body/training. Yet to play 16 games in a season leaves upside with Diggs, second year with a legit gunslinger, redzone usage and a push for the top 10 in 2019. A locked in WR1 on his team, available in round 4, on a Vikings team that will compete.
  15. T.Y. Hilton (Colts) – Expecting Indy to be a hot offense in 2019. However with so many mouths to feed and redzone weapons galore. Thinking Hilton has an inconsistent season, especially road games. At his current ADP Im fading.
  16. Brandin Cooks (Rams) – Another ho-hum 1,000 yard season with a few huge performances mixed in. Solid pick in round 4 and falling to rd 5 in some drafts. Rams could pass more with Goff maturing and improving yearly. Rams potentially could produce 3 thousand yard receivers. Especially with Todd Gurley’s knee arthritis.
  17. Chris Godwin (Buccaneers) – Likely to move up my board. Absolutely love this 6’1 good handed receiver. He does everything correct on the field and is entering his third year in a pass heavy offense. Sometimes you pay up when you know a sure thing versus risk losing out on the player. In past years I did this with Peyton Manning (as high as #1 overall during his epic year and definitely snagged him coming off the neck injury year 1 with the Denver Broncos). Emmanuel Sanders (as high as 4th round back in 2014 when he joined the Broncos), Jimmy Graham (Saints days I selected him as high as round 5 once he had his first semi breakout year. While taking him in the early double digit rounds when he was unknown the year before), David Johnson (as high as round 1 during his epic season in 2016), Le’Veon Bell (suspension year, early round 2). When your process leads you to gold. You must back it up with your own ADP. Its risky but if your a legit Fantasy Football player, you pull the trigger. Now Godwin isn’t an unknown like Graham was then. So the premium is a higher price. Potentially selecting him in round 4 or even 3 in sharp drafts. Players I reached for in 2018 that paid off were Mahomes, Mixon, Chris Carson, Aaron Jones, Nuk, Amari Cooper, Mike Williams and James Conner(dynasty). In one of my dynasty leagues I was able to land all of those players. It was a start up 12 team league.
  18. Allen Robinson (Bears) – Feel comfortable with A Rob as the unquestioned #1 wr in a Nagy year 2 offense. This ranking is more indicative of where A Rob may finish at year’s end. Happy he is healthy, injuries suck!
  19. Kenny Golladay (Lions) – Godwin and Golladay all day in 2019. Golladay is going over multiple proven receivers and I get why. His upside and mutant like skills are appealing. I like Kenny too and depending on draft flow would snag him. Less likely to reach up for him because of the offense he is in but boy is it temping.
  20. Julian Eldeman (Patriots) – Tom Brady has to throw the ball to someone in order to convert 1st downs and get the offense in a groove. Eldeman may be in line for one of his best Fantasy Football Seasons yet. Lack out touchdown production and the transition to a run heavy offense has me still researching. Not to mention the backs soaking up targets and Kneal Harry being selected in round 1. Harry, Dorsett and Eldeman in three receiver sets is Belichickanigans all day.
  21. Tyler Lockett (Seahawks) – I trust Wilson’s #1 receiver as Doug Baldwin proved to be reliable over the years. However I don’t trust his body frame and am fading him at his current ADP for fear of injury.
  22. Mike Williams (Chargers) – Touchdown regression but an increase in snap counts, targets, receptions and yardage sounds good to me. A full healthy season in the books and another productive year coming. He was free in drafts last year. This year you will have to pay up.
  23. Tyler Boyd (Bengals) – Similar to Woods, Cooks and Kupp. Expecting him to own the slot in Cincy. Mixon, Green and Boyd may surprise some. I fully expect concentrated touches in this offense and three receiver sets often.
  24. Jarvis Landry (Browns) – Should own the underneath with OBJ in town and an effective run game.
  25. Larry Fitzgerald (Cardinals) – Cardinals offense will be spicey and Fitz will help Murray in the slot.
  26. Golden Tate (Giants) – Surely Tate will have multiple 10+ target games as he owns the short yardage area of the field. Along with duds weekly, garbage time receptions and still a solid YAC receiver. Im expecting Tate to…….Well, be himself and be utilized.
  27. Robert Woods (Rams) – Another ho-hum weekly starter for the fantasy squad. Good high ceiling player.
  28. Corey Davis (Titans) – Davis is still a mutant, offensive changes and acquisitions have myself waiting for training camp to see his usage. He is a top 30 receiver for now. The volume his saw last yr was annoying because he was inefficient. Air yards is a stat I use in the process and he was up there in 2018 but with his inefficiencies, he burnt me weekly(dfs) until I jumped ship.
  29. Sammy Watkins (Chiefs) – If not for his health, Id rank him higher. Have we seen a more talented receiver be hampered by injuries so often? Tyreek Hill 4 game suspension bumps him up for now. Targeted Sammy in best ball leagues because I think he could be a league winner but in season long leagues Im not as bullish.
  30. Alshon Jeffery (Eagles) – Lands here by default. Maybe last year’s playoff drop motivated him to regain his Bears form? Either way he is the clear cut #1 receiver in an explosive offense. Solid floor for Alshon in 2019.

Pay attention to draft flow and lineup construction!

As Always,

(Teams Going Off + Thoughts Flexed In) = Combination Lineups

May the Fantasy Force Be With You.

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