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Daily Fantasy Sports 21


In order to win your fantasy league you need to draft receivers accordingly. Combing a WR with your QB is a good idea. Fantasy Friends can draft combos like Tony Romo and Terrance Williams. Blake Bortles and Allen Hurns. Hurns will easily have 70 receptions. Each week in Daily Fantasy Sports wrs go off. Moon Man is here on Earth […]

Daily Fantasy Sports 2

TOP 100 Fantasy Player Rankings

Moon Man’s Top 100 Fantasy Rankings (PPR). Wide receivers dominate Moon Man’s fantasy rankings. Quarterbacks are not included in the Top 100 Fantasy Rankings. Todd Gurley gets the top spot. A proven fantasy football option, building block of his offense in Los Angeles and major fantasy upside! Keenan Allen slides into the top 10 as Moon Man expects production from […]

Daily Fantasy Sports 11


Drafting your starting Quarterback in Fantasy Football is a make or break kinda pick? Well, not really but if you draft a Quarterback in the early rounds. It better be a 50 TD for 5,000 yards kinda season. Resist the urge to draft Cam Newton or Aaron Rodgers. Unless your league starts multiple Quarterbacks and/or gives 6 points per touchdown. […]