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Joe Flacco and Andy Dalton Draft Combination

Each week the Baltimore Ravens wide receivers will offer winning fantasy value. It is going to require a weekly rotation with the Raven’s wrs. Focusing on their schedule is key. Certain weeks Joe Flacco needs to be benched. Moon Man likes combining Average Joe with Average Andy! Fantasy Friends could easily wait in the draft selecting the combination of Joe Flacco […]

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Best Fantasy Combination

Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown is easily the best (Quarterback – Wide Receiver) fantasy football combination in the world. With Antonio Brown being drafted #1 in fantasy leagues and Big Ben a top 10 Quarterback when healthy. These two are clutch in League play, especially leagues with bonus points for big plays. The best thing is their floor. Antonio is […]

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“Fantasy Combinations” The AFC North is stacked with Fantasy Football Player Combinations. The Cincinnati Bengals provide Two Top Notch combos with A.J. Green and Tyler Eifert. Andy Dalton and A.J. Green came into the NFL together in 2011 and Eifert followed in 2013. Their consistency offers a stress free option in Daily Fantasy Sports and their chemistry alleviates stress in […]

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TOP 50 Running Backs

Moon Man’s Top 50 Fantasy Football Running Back Rankings (PPR/League Play). The running back field is about to change in 2016! Le’Veon Bell, David Johnson, Adrian Peterson and Todd Gurley are the cream of the crop in Fantasy Football. The only concern with them is health. Fantasy Friends can draft them with ease. Knowing they will produce week in and week […]

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Fantasy Player Combinations

Way back in 2007, Fantasy Friends were guided to glory with the Winning Fantasy Football combination of Randy Moss ( 98 receptions – 1,493 yards – 23 tds) and Tom Brady (4,806 yards – 50 tds – 8 ints). Moon Man has thoughts on drafting combinations of quarterbacks with wide receivers and qbs with rbs. There is not a limit on how we […]

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Moon Man’s Fantasy Football Chronicles: DST Rankings The Arizona Cardinals take the #1 spot with the addition of defensive end Chandler Jones. Safety Tyrann Mathieu is healthy. Free Agent signing Tyvonn Branch slides in for safety Rashad Johnson. The loss of cornerback Jerraud Powers is the question mark currently in camp. Justin Bethel at the #2 cb position with 3rd round pick […]

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In order to win your fantasy league you need to draft receivers accordingly. Combing a WR with your QB is a good idea. Fantasy Friends can draft combos like Tony Romo and Terrance Williams. Blake Bortles and Allen Hurns. Hurns will easily have 70 receptions. Each week in Daily Fantasy Sports wrs go off. Moon Man is here on Earth […]

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TOP 100 Fantasy Player Rankings

Moon Man’s Top 100 Fantasy Rankings (PPR). Wide receivers dominate Moon Man’s fantasy rankings. Quarterbacks are not included in the Top 100 Fantasy Rankings. Todd Gurley gets the top spot. A proven fantasy football option, building block of his offense in Los Angeles and major fantasy upside! Keenan Allen slides into the top 10 as Moon Man expects production from […]

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Drafting your starting Quarterback in Fantasy Football is a make or break kinda pick? Well, not really but if you draft a Quarterback in the early rounds. It better be a 50 TD for 5,000 yards kinda season. Resist the urge to draft Cam Newton or Aaron Rodgers. Unless your league starts multiple Quarterbacks and/or gives 6 points per touchdown. […]