Quarterback Rankings “13-42

One would think it is important for a Quarterback to have built repore with his fantasy options and to have already developed an on the field understanding of his offensive system. It is a tough year for any quarterback to return from injury, be drafted or brought in as the starter, to be in a new offensive system and in general no off season workouts. Many of the QBs on this list are doing just that. Every QB outside my top 12 has concerns in my opinion. There is no Lamar Jackson, Patrick Mahomes or Deshaun Watson for fantasy purposes. Drafting a late round quarterback is usually a rewarding strategy but as I complete more drafts. I am liking the teams I built with my top 12 quarterbacks more. Question marks surroundings QBs is one thing but when those same QBs don’t have top 10 upside, its a red alert in my opinion.

Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings


13. Jared Goff (Rams) – This is Jared Goff’s team and he quietly has been productive in fantasy football finishing 13th, 7th and 12th the last three seasons.

14. Drew Brees (Saints) – Drew threw for 27 touchdowns in 11 games last season. He can still sling it although I do see the drop in his deep ball. Emmanuel Sanders will be good for the short and intermediate routes. A smart acquisition for New Orleans. Interesting this year to decipher how home field advantage will effect the quarterback splits. Be sure to snag up Drew if he falls in your draft.

15. Derek Carr (Raiders) – It is obvious to me that Mike Mayock brought in offensive weapons to surround Derek Carr with fantasy options in 2020. Okay maybe not for fantasy purposes but his is Carr’s year to show out or be denied the potential of retiring as a Raider. The Raiders moved the ball as an offense in 2019 but were lackluster inside the 20 yard line. Positive regression is coming for touchdowns, a top 10 offensive line, versatile offensive playmakers at every position and its a risk reward year for fantasy owners who draft Derek Carr.

16. Cam Newton (Patriots)

17. Baker Mayfield (Browns) – A new offensive system for a quarterback who bailed out on throws all too often in 2019. The browns dedicating to improve that situation by adding new starting tackles and Austin Hooper is a good start. The pieces in place is an all too common story in Cleveland. Will coaching put the players in position to be successful in 2020? Freddie Kitchen was garbage as a head coach and hopefully Kevin Stefanski brings in some Mike Zimmer credibility. This exciting on the paper team needs a coach not a friend and I believe Stefanski will right the ship. This will lead to less headaches for fantasy owners. This offense has the ability to be a boring yet efficient fantasy offense. Nick Chubb and OBJ have appeal while Austin Hooper will eat into Jarvis Landry’s upside. Still Landry is a 70+ reception floor guy, not too shabby. Curious to see how Kareem Hunt is used. Does Van Pelt uses him and Chubb on the field as often as Cleveland did in 2020?

18. Ben Roethlisberger (Steelers)

19. Drew Lock (Broncos) – It is his team to lose and John Elway surrounded Lock with playmakers. He invested in the run game and also improved the secondary on defense. Sound familiar? An explosive offense with a stellar defensive secondary. All we need is Von Miller to show up with the return of Bradley Chubb. It is possible that Denver is an actual real life playoff team in 2020. I am expecting bumps and bruises for Lock and he certainly needs to improve moving through his reads when dropping back. NFL defenses will make him pay if he continues to lock into his first read on plays. Lock as a stand alone starter is risky but if you catch him when he goes on a hot fantasy stretch, you will laugh at those who passed on him in the late rounds.

20. Jimmy Garoppolo (49ers) – A full year of experience bodes well for Jimmy G in this offense. I am willing to miss out on his 4 touchdown games because overall he puts up too many stinkers in this run first offense.

21. Ryan Tannehill (Titans) – Negative regression coming in 2020, rushing upside and can sling it.

22. Kirk Cousins (Vikings) – Solid weekly option with limited ceiling.

23. Philip Rivers (Colts)

24. Daniel Jones (Giants)

25. Joe Burrow (Bengals) – Talented rookie will step in as the starter in a covid 19 pandemic season, offensive weapons but an underwhelming offensive line have me passing on Burrow at his current ADP.

26. Tyrod Taylor (Chargers)

27. Sam Darnold (Jets)

28. Garner Minshew (Jaguars)

29. Teddy Bridgewater (Panthers)

30. Ryan Fitzpatrick (Dolphins)

31. Nick Foles (Bears)

32. Dwayne Haskins (Washington)

33. Mitch Trubisky (Bears)

34. Justin Herbert (Chargers)

35. Kyle Allen (Washington)

36. Jared Stidham (Patriots)

37. Tua Tagovailoa (Dolphins)

38. Taysom Hill (Saints)

39. Jameis Winston (Saints)

40. Joshua Dobbs (Jaguars)

41. Andy Dalton (Cowboys)

42. Jalen Hurts (Eagles)

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