Quarterback Rankings “The Blueprint”

With training camp underway this week. Fantasy Football will ignite with relevant information all day everyday! The Quarterback position shouldn’t be effected as much as the position players. A few keys to look for are Tyreek Hill’s status, quarterbacks in new offenses, rookie quarterbacks standing out at camp, contract issues with studs like Melvin Gordon, injuries and coach’s speak. Applying a grain of salt is 100% needed this time of season. However if grains of salt keep adding up. You might be onto something or be safe from those Hocus Pocus witches. Legggooo Beat Writers on Twitter!.

Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings


  1. Patrick Mahomes (Chiefs) – Elite talent and the best Fantasy Football Quarterback. Tier 1.
  2. Andrew Luck (Colts) – Overall offensive weapons, oline and coaching staff will have Luck pushing for Fantasy’s #1 Quarterback. Tier 1.

  3. Deshaun Watson (Texans) – A top quarterback without healthy weapons and a horrid offensive line. The number 1 Quarterback with healthy receivers and an oline that gives him time when dropping back. Rushing upside and will be the healthiest he has been since he tore up the NFL his rookie season. Tier 2.

  4. Baker Mayfield (Browns) – Upside! Tier 3.

  5. Matt Ryan (Falcons) – Expecting Ryan to put up his best back to back seasons in his career. Offensive weapons and an improved offensive line bode well for Ryan. Tier 3.

  6. Jared Goff (Rams) – 2019 will be Goff’s best Fantasy season yet. We know the Rams run 3 receiver sets more than any other team and Todd Gurley will be rested week to week. Goff should have more opportunities to pass the ball and take the next step towards an elite fantasy quarterback. Tier 4.
  7. Jameis Winston (Buccaneers) – A good Fantasy Football Quarterback teams up with a good Fantasy coach is a great match. Add the offensive weapons and weak defense. Jameis is set for an elite breakout season if he stays on the field. Tier 4.
  8. Aaron Rodgers (Packers) – Don’t want Rodgers at his current ADP, recent 2 years of regression, new offense, injury history and division he plays in. Tier 4.
  9. Carson Wentz (Eagles) – A healthy Wentz we trust. Tier 4.
  10. Russell Wilson (Seahawks) – An elite Quarterback in real life and Fantasy Football. However being in a run first offense limits him in 2019. Out of all my rankings, Russell could finish top five or ten. Expecting his rushing attempts to decrease again, less efficiency on offense but a respectable season with ups snd downs. Probability of him moving up my board is there as training camp ends. Tier 4.

  11. Lamar Jackson (Ravens) – Upside! Tier 5.
  12. Kyler Murray (Cardinals) – Upside! Tier 5.

  13. Dak Prescott (Cowboys) – Underrated fantasy option going too late in drafts. Tier 6.
  14. Ben Roethlisberger (Steelers) – Out to prove it is not him causing the losses in Pittsburgh. Consistent Fantasy Football option. Tier 6.
  15. Kirk Cousins (Vikings) – Year two in offense will be Fantasy Football worthy. Tier 6.

  16. Josh Allen (Bills) – Locked in starter with rushing upside and big pass play upside. Tier 7.
  17. Jimmy Garoppolo (49ers) – Worst to 1st team conceptually in 2019 and potential top 5 quarterback in fantasy this season. Believer in 49ers offense and weapons. Tier 7.
  18. Cam Newton (Panthers) – Cautious with Newton and he has never been an elite fantasy quarterback without adding his rushing into the mix. Older, won’t run as much, injury, new throwing motion this late in career and its too much risk for me to draft him any higher. Tier 7.
  19. Mitch Trubisky (Bears) – Upside, don’t believe he is able to bring Chicago a ship regardless of how great their defense is. Its the system he is in that will give us good games and bad fantasy games. Overall Mitch is a solid quarterback in fantasy with his rushing abilities. Tier 7.
  20. Drew Brees (Saints) – As of now Brees is here. Besides his age and recent decline in passing stats. Brees is an at home fantasy monster. Tier 7.
  21. Phillip Rivers (Chargers) – Rivers is Rivers. Good option, ranked too low because we know he won’t be elite and fantasy football friends can be greedy going for upside players. Tier 7.

  22. Tom Brady (Patriots) – Amazing streaming option per matchup. Belichickanigans will still give us 4 passing touchdown games. Most likely early in the season before the Patriots become who they are and run the ball come late October through their playoff birth. Tier 8.
  23. Derek Carr (Raiders) – Year two with Gruden and a new offense basically. Sign me up for Carr in a few leagues. His risk is minimal as a second quarterback and could easily finish top 15 at season’s end. Tier 8.

  24. Andy Dalton (Bengals) – If the Bengal’s new coach brings 3 receiver sets to Cincy a majority of the time? Dalton may be fire the 1st quarter+ of the season. Upside is high with Dalton as well as the risk. Gio Bernard and Joe Mixon will thrive in their new offense. Tier 9.
  25. Marcus Mariota (Titans) – Could perform well behind a good offensive line and run game. Is still young and its his last chance to prove he is an NFL caliber starter. The offense has weapons and the Titans defensive is solid. Titans just missed playoffs in 2018, in strong division but wouldn’t surprise me if Mariota performs as a QB 1 for a 5-6 game stretch. Ultimately regressing back to himself but beating his ADP value overall at season’s end. Tier 9.
  26. Matthew Stafford (Lions) – Good real life quarterback who used to put up solid Fantasy Football seasons or at least stack a few huge games together per season. Not a believer in pencil coach before he was hired and the Lions will be a mess in 2019. If it wasn’t for Stafford, the Lions team would be worse than the Browns were in my opinion. Tier 9.

  27. Sam Darnold (Jets) – Streamer with sleeper upside. Tier 10.
  28. Joe Flacco (Broncos) – Streamer. Tier 10.

  29. Josh Rosen (Dolphins) – Streamer.
  30. Nick Foles (Jaguars) – Jaguars offense is not Philly special. Streaming option.
  31. Case Keenum (Redskins) – Will start to open season.
  32. Dwayne Haskins Jr. (Redskins) – Will be a solid Fantasy Football option once Gruden names him starter ten games in.
  33. Ryan Fitzpatrick (Dolphins) – The Dolphins are not nearly as talented on offense as Tamp was in 2018. Fitz may be an early season streamer but Rosen has the limited upside once Fitz turns over the ball too much.
  34. Daniel Jones (Giants) – Should be starting by mid season, rushing upside and potential streamer per matchup.
  35. Eli Manning (Giants) – Eli is Eli, enough said because his play on the field the last ever has been sad.
  36. RG III (Ravens) – Back up in an offense predicated on their quarterback utilizing his rushing abilities. Robert may find himself the starter if Jackson gets injured.
  37. Ryan Finley (Bengals) – Longshot to play, late round draft pick in 2019, new head coach who is offensive minded and Andy Dalton is not Zac Taylor’s quarterback of the future.
  38. Ryan Tannehill (Titans) – Mariota is the starter now but Tannehill is waiting for an opportunity to become a NFL starter again.
  39. Drew Lock (Broncos) – Expect Flacco to start until Denver is eliminated from playoff contention. Lock would then get some burn and late season streaming appeal.
  40. Blaine Gabbert (Buccaneers) – Jameis will get benched if he doesn’t protect the ball.

As Always,

(Teams Going Off + Thoughts Flexed In) = Combination Lineups

May the Fantasy Force Be With You.

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