Draftkings and FanDuel 2019 AFC/NFC Pro Bowl Slate (Tight Ends, DST, QB/TE Stacks)

Perhaps the best position to trust in the current NFL Pro Bowl format is the Tight Ends. Draftkings and FanDuel using Captain Mode means the DST has increased value. Take into account the last two pro bowls which haven’t been shoots out.

2017 – AFC 20 defeated NFC 13.

2018 – AFC 24 defeated NFC 23.

Stacking Tight Ends with one or both DST units could win a GPP. During the regular season using multiple running backs and dst paid off. Freeing up salary is not neccessary in this 2019 Pro Bowl slate. So throw that out the window when constructing your lineup(s). With touchdowns being limited, a defense touchdown could be slate breaking or we could see interceptions/sacks adding up to double digit points.

Tight Ends


Eric Ebron – Redzone machine and tight end usage in pro bowl setup makes Ebron a solid play. Andrew Luck connection is alive and well.

Jared Cook – Ability to split out and his speed will create an advantage against the opposing 4-3 defense.

Best AFC QB/TE Stacks

Luck/Ebron, Mahomes/Ebron, Mahomes/Cook, Watson/Cook.


George Kittle – Athleticism, breakaway speed and potential Pro Bowl MVP. Favorite tight end play on the slate.

Austin Hooper – Ability to catch 4 passes and a touchdown when lining up tight. Should be used in Cowboy’s offensive scheme. Will be under owned.

Best NFC QB/TE Stacks

Dak/Hooper, Wilson/Hooper, Wilson/Kittle, Mitch/Kittle.

NFC fullback Kyle Juszczyk offers a good floor of 5.7 points and a low ceiling. AFC fullback Anthony Sherman is a fade.



The AFC won the last two pro bowls, has Von Miller and its back end secondary has interception potential. Wilson could throw a pick on a bomb. Interception potential increases when Trubisky enters the game.


The secondary is loaded and all three AFC quarterbacks have interception potential. Mahomes will take risks, Luck short to intermediate routes will be jumped and Watson is not an accurate quarterback at this level.



As Always,

(Teams Going Off + Thoughts Flexed In) = Combination Lineups

May the Fantasy Force Be With You.

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