Draftkings and FanDuel 2019 AFC/NFC Pro Bowl Slate(Wide Receiver, QB/WR Stacks)

The 2019 NFL Pro Bowl offers Daily Fantasy Football players multiple stacks. Targeting wide receivers and tight ends for DFS Lineups is the way to go. As mentioned in my previous article https://ffphilosophy.com/2019/01/25/dfs-2019-afc-nfc-pro-bowl-nfl-draftkings-fanduel-quarterback-runningback/.

Stacking in DFS during the regular season can be profitable but also risky business if your doing say 1 lineup. Your stack of choice will make or break you. The 2019 Pro Bowl offers multiple stacks and you should take advantage of the player’s familiarity with eachother. Especially in a pro bowl in which most teammates and coaches are playing together for the 1st time.

Wide Receivers


JuJu Smith Schuster – This is Juju’s 1st pro bowl and his versatility will be advantageous come Sunday. JuJu can line up at the X, Y or Z receiver position. His age could be advantageous as he will want to show out in his first appearance. Maybe he wants to show Pittsburgh Nation that Antonio Brown is gone for a reason. What better way than on a stage with fellow All Stars/All Pros.

Keenan Allen – His familiarity with the Los Angeles Chargers coaching staff plays to his favor. Allen too can lineup at any wr position. With Phillip Rivers skipping this pro bowl, Allen’s upside takes a hit. Allen and JuJu will move the chains on 3rd downs. They offer touchdown upside which is huge in a one game slate!

Tyreek Hill – Patrick Mahomes is the starting quarterback for the AFC and I’m imagining a deep shot on play number one. Tyreek isn’t as smooth a route runner as JuJu and Allen but neither of those two possess his deep speed. Actually nobody in the league matches his game speed. Add in the familiarity with Patrick Mahomes, Hill’s ability to run the ball and the defensive safeties alignment pre snap. Hill should have room to burn the defender straight deep while Mahomes should have time to throw it deep on routes crossing the field/double moves. Hill was a disappointment in the 2017 pro bowl with a measly 1 reception for 9 yards. He followed that up with 1 reception for 18 yards in last year’s pro bowl. The difference being Patrick Mahomes.

Jarvis Landry – He may not be the fastest or biggest wide receiver. However Jarvis Landry is a primetime player who showed up last year. Snagging 5 receptions for 78 yards in a 1 point AFC victory. Landry encompasses aspects of his fellow receiver’s attributes. I anticipate Landry going for the MVP.

Best AFC QB/WR Stacks

 Mahomes/Hill, Mahomes/JuJu, Luck/Landry, Luck/Allen, Watson/Landry, Watson/JuJu.


Amari Cooper – Perhaps the most obvious play in the entire field. Is there such a thing as a free square in the Pro Bowl? We are about to find out. Cooper’s coach the Red Headed Clapper has all the Boy’s staff aboard, Dak Prescott substituted his way to yet another pro bowl and Ezekiel Elliott is on the train. Potential onslaught? Risky but the Cowboys could own the second half of a 50-ish expected points total for both teams. Zeke and Cooper could both supply a touchdown. Zeke being the least likely of the two.

Cooper has it all! Speed, size and route running abilities. He also has a chip on his shoulder and will be aiming for the MVP. I can see twitter now blasting Gruden for trading Cooper once again. We also have the average QB Dak who loves taking credit for winning but fails to display the same accountability in losses. The pro bowl is right down his alley. Still is risky because of the opposing talent on defense but the storyline would make sense come double zeroes.

Mike Evans – Huge redzone target and ability to embarrass a defensive back who is enjoying the sun in Florida. Evans has slate breaking big play ability and two touchdown redzone potential.

Davante Adams – I’ll be fading Adams due to him being injured towards the season’s end. Also think Adams success is directly correlated to Aaron Rodgers who passed on the game. You gotta fade players regardless so Adams is on that list.

Adam Thielen – Mr. Dependable is making his second straight appearance. He was $$$ with 3 receptions for 25 yards and 1 touchdown last year. Expecting him to move the chains during the 1st half and bring value to the slate.

Best NFC QB/WR Stacks

Dak Prescott/Cooper, Wilson/Evans, Wilson/Thielen, Wilson/Adams, Prescott/Evans.

For a breakdown of the Tight End position. Check out this article https://ffphilosophy.com/2019/01/27/draftkings-fanduel-2019-afc-nfc-pro-bowl-slate-tight-ends-dst-qb-te-stacks/.

As Always,

(Teams Going Off + Thoughts Flexed In) = Combination Lineups

May the Fantasy Force Be With You.

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