Draftkings and FanDuel 2019 AFC/NFC Pro Bowl Slate(Quarterback, Running Back)

Daily Fantasy Sports Goliaths Draftkings and FanDuel are offering up a lackluster 2019 NFL Pro Bowl slate. Otherwise known as Captain Mode which requires a different strategy than normal 9 players slates. Captain mode also favors the public otherwise known as jabronies(fish).

Still Fantasy Football Fanatics will be spending their money submitting lineups. Making it all the more crucial to nail the 1.5x Captain Slot! Since the format changed three years ago(last two pro bowls). The scores have been lower than previous years with defenses getting two hand touch sacks and interceptions.

The probability for interceptions increase with every Quarterback who decides to skip the Pro Bowl for numerous reasons. Leaving the door open for the lackluster Derek Carr, Andy Dalton, Tuhrod Taylor and this year’s Mitchell Trubisky, Dak Prescott and Deshaun Watson. Neither the AFC or NFC have broken the 30 point mark in the past two pro bowls.

Even with the unimpressive quarterback group in 2019. They will have plenty of time to sit in the pock and find an open target. Considering only defensive ends and tackles can rush, no blitzing and the limited usage of formations. One would think an average NFL quarterback can pick the all star 4-3 defense apart?

The offense has limitations as well. With no motions allowed pre snap, a tight end on the field at all times, 2 wrs on one side maximum and quarterbacks who aren’t known for accuracy. Each team should score in the 20’s once again. Taking into account Patrick Mahomes and Russell Wilson on the field to start the game. We might see the offensive scoring come in the 1st quarter as these two excel in the deep ball. They should exploit the rules on the pre snap safety position and the defense having only 4 defensive backs on the field at most.

Running backs sure as hect are a shell of themselves in these games as the defenders get sour if the runner actual tries to break tackles. Rather we see few carries from the running back position and stand up gang tackling from the defenders. LeSeanShady” McCoy had a touchdown when it mattered inside the redzone which may be the case in a close game this year. Rookie Saquon Barkley may piss some ol heads off with his efforts, along with James Conner starting for the AFC. Ezekiel Elliott, Tarik Cohen and Lamar Miller offer familiarity with their quarterback.

Late substitute Alvin Kamara offers receiving abilities and late game touchdown probability. I don’t know why Melvin Gordon is on the roster considering he wasn’t close to 100% during the Chargers playoff loss to the Patriots. Injuries stink and I’ll be fading Gordon.

If your doing Multiple Lineups you may want to throw in a running back. Where in a normal slate, you would actually have to use skills to roster($) the correct back. If your doing one lucky lineup, than fading running backs is what the previous two years said. Oh wait, they weren’t captain mode, smh.

Offenses can’t cut block or use heavy formations and vice versa on defense. So the likelihood of a pass catching back doing work is your best bet. Other than that, your looking for a goaline touchdown which is less probably towards the end of the game when inaccurate Dak, Mitch and Watson may be forced to use their legs.

In general stacking offensive teammates can payoff. As they already established a connection and who wouldn’t wanta throw their boy a touchdown in the pro bowl. Good thing Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown aren’t playing in this one. Their drama would negate showing love.

Remember the winning team basically gets double the $$$ so these players want to win while staying healthy. Dak Prescott is intriguing with the Red Faced Clapper and the Cowboys coaching staff with team NFC. We will most likely see Dak, Zeke and Cooper on the field at the same time.

We also have Mitchell “how the hect did he make pro bowl” Trubisky with Tarik Cohen. Tarik made the pro bowl as returner but without kickoffs and no DFS points for punt return yardage. His best bet is to catch a ball out of the backfield in between Trubisky interceptions. Who knows, maybe Cohen will house it?

DeShaun Watson is a primetime player? Oh wait, he played horrible until his started running in the WildCard game. Being the pro bowl he has potential to light it up with his deep ball and might get Miller a touchdown.

Andrew Luck to tight end Eric Ebron in the red zone seems legit. The AFC is coached by the Chargers staff who use tight ends. Patrick Mahomes and Tyreek Hill offer the most upside. One play could break the slate in a low scoring game. Oh wait, it’s captain mode so make sure you guess right in the captain spot. Russell Wilson is a pro bowl veteran and could throw for two touchdowns before he is pulled.

For more sarcasm, my DFS thoughts on the wide receiver plays and Quarterback/Receiver Stacks. Read this article: https://ffphilosophy.com/2019/01/26/draftkings-fanduel-2019-afc-nfc-pro-bowl-slate-wide-receiver-qb-wr-stacks/.

As Always,

(Teams Going Off + Thoughts Flexed In) = Combination Lineups

May the Fantasy Force Be With You.

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