The Ultimate Fantasy Football Risk/Reward DFS Option Josh Gordon

In a not so surprising transaction. The New England Patriots acquired wide receiver Josh Gordon. At most the Cleveland Browns get a 2019 5th round pick in return. While the Patriots could receive a 2019 7th round pick. Both picks are contingent upon Gordon playing in 10 games this season. Basically the Patriots are paying Gordon $650,000+. Is that worth the risk?

The Patriots have been making moves weekly in regards to their wide receiver position. Free agent after free agent has failed miserably in New England. Josh Gordon is by far the best of the group, relatively healthy and hoping the new NFLPA agreement allows marijuana usage. With the marijuana usage the big issue for Gordon. New England decided to pay for the risk in hopes of their offense being rewarded. Ultimately leading to wins.

The Patriots offense will now see Josh Gordon and Chris Hogan lining up on the outside. Phillip Dorsett should lose playing time with the acquisition of Gordon. Especially two receiver sets. Dorsett will return to his deep threat decoy status. Ultimately losing more snaps when Julian Eldeman returns in week 5.

For the time being Josh Gordon will be learning the offense. Play 10-20 snaps in week 3 depending on his hammy and improve the Patriots offense. When Gordon is lined up on the outside it opens the passing game up dramatically. Gordon demands attention, alleviates Gronk being double teamed, pushes safeties off intermediate routes and opens up the underneath routes for running backs. Gordon is also a huge redzone threat and big body with blocking skills

Josh Gordon in Daily Fantasy Sports is $5500 on Draftkings. The potential of a Brady to Gordon deep ball is exciting. Gordon could produce nearly 3x on a $5500 price tag in Draftkings with just one play. I’d be above average against the field at a $5500 price for week 3 matchup at Detroit. Especially with Lions stud Cornerback Darius Slay in concussion protocol.

Josh Gordon is a wide receiver 3/flex option in league play. Until we see him on the practice field, grasping the offense and witness his in game snap counts. Starting Gordon as your number two receiving option is a risky move with the depth at the position.

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(Teams Going Off + Thoughts Flexed In) = Combination Lineups

May the Fantasy Force Be With You.

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