Quarterback Rankings (Full PPR)

Oh yea, Training Camp is here and so are my updated Quarterback Rankings for full point PPR Fantasy Football. These rankings are based off of hours and hours of research that I do daily. Why? Because Fantasy Football is frikkn awesome and fun. Plus Im good at it so it is rewarding. Now, injury risk plays a big part in how I draft players, upside is big in my book and the flow of each draft especially plays a huge role in drafting Quarterbacks. Also when ranking these players, I’m writing down thoughts which helps in decipher through all the data. Im tryna nail what would be how they finish come season’s end.

Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings

  1. Aaron Rodgers (Packers) – The best real life Quarterback in a Fantasy Football friendly schedule from mid season on. Jimmy Graham replacing Jordy Nelson in the redzone, Ty Montgomery all over the field and a good run game will improve the Packer’s situational success rate. Rodgers has multiple weapons at his disposal and a #1 wide receiver in Davante Adams. This offense will put up points and be efficient in the redzone. Add in Rodgers mobility and the schedule. He is worth every penny!
  2. Cam Newton (Panthers) – Watching Cam last season was frustrating. Inconsistent accuracy, refusing to run the ball and Greg Olsen being injured attributed to DFS woes at times. Still, Cam finished second for Quarterbacks in Fantasy points. The Panthers brought in C.J. Anderson and he should not be overlooked. He will bring stability to the Panthers offense. Maybe not a top notch fantasy option week in and week out. Anderson allows this offense to pound the rock in the 4th quarter. The 100+ target Christian Mccaffrey, even with added muscle this year. Is just not reliable as the game enters the 4th quarter. The oline needs to block better in 2018 and Devin Funchess needs to convert his opportunities efficiently. Greg Olsen looked slow when he returned from injury so seeing him in week 1 will be important. Can he still run? He may have hit that wall. D.J. Moore and not Torrey Smith is the player that will move this offense to its once dynamic fantasy potential. Smith is not Ted Ginn Jr. so don’t get it twisted. Promising offensive potential and Cam’s running ability has him at #2 in my rankings.
  3. Russell Wilson (Seahawks) – This team stinks? In comparison to their championship caliber teams, Yes. However, Russell will be Brett Favreing it in 2018 to nameless weapons. Garbage time champion in 2018.
  4. Tom Brady (Patriots) – Unless an opponent is horrid against the run. Brady will produce as a viable #1 fantasy option. I do think the Patriots will transition towards the run game this year, continue using burkehead and white out of the backfield and utilize Gronk in the redzone. I forsee struggles against opponents like the Jaguars and Vikings for Brady. However their schedule is a cake walk and 4 touchdown games will come versus the AFC East opponents.
  5. Carson Wentz (Eagles) – We saw Wentz before his injury and the Birds are much the same in 2018. Health is the only concern. This guy has the best oline in the game and a good defense. Im betting on his health and five is a floor for him. He should break the top 3 come season’s end?
  6. Kirk Cousins (Vikings) – An efficient offense and top notch defense indoors is a combination for success. Cousins may start slow but hold your horses because this team will score in 2018. Where is their a weakness? There is not one until you look at that opening schedule. Wow, its tough. This team will certainly be put to the test. Cousins will be forced to throw the ball in games when behind and afyer the first half schedule. Cousins and the run game will be Fantasy Football points for days.
  7. Drew Brees (Saints) – Brees outside the top 5 is a rarity. However, he may be the best so called game manager in the history of fantasy football. His home/road splits are predictable. Still, eight games at home is DFS fun. Ben Watson and Cam Meredith help Brees if healthy. Brees can still sling it and may if the Saints are behind. New Orleans is my Super Bowl pick and Alvin Kamara will get 300+ touches. If I draft Brees, I will certainly sit him based on matchups but overall. He will wind up a top 10 finisher at season’s end.
  8. Deshaun Watson (Texans) – Bill O’Brien is a wicked good offensive mind and DeAndre Hopkins is my #1 Fantasy Football receiver. Watson shined in his short time as the starter last year. He has upside at 8 versuses being ranked number 5 overall.
  9. Jared Goff (Rams) – Spread that ball around, run the ball and a top notch defense.
    Drew Brees passing the torch to Jared Goff (photo credit: Sean Gardner/Getty Images)
    Drew Brees passing the torch to Jared Goff (photo credit: Sean Gardner/Getty Images).

    Head coach Sean McVay still has unseen plays up his sleeve and I’m expecting another potent Fantasy Football team in 2018. Led by Jared Goff and Todd Gurley. This team is legit!

  10. Matthew Stafford (Lions) – Mr. Consistency in fantasy football rounds out my current top 10.
  11. Phillip Rivers (Chargers) – Have you seen their roster? It is looking potent. Rivers performs well year in and year out.
  12. Ben Roethlisberger (Steelers) – If healthy and not sour about a loss. Big Ben has weapons and the freedom to make at the line play calls. Mayb he is happy Todd Haley is gone. Being happy is a positive aspect in th workplace. Musta been annoying for Ben working with Todd.
  13. Patrick Mahomes (Chiefs) – Upside, upside and upside!
  14. Andrew Luck (Colts) – Potentially a top 4 Fantasy scorer if healthy. He will move up my board. Need to draft a quarterback before or after if you select him in the mid rounds.
  15. Matt Ryan (Falcons) – Ryan had an off year in 2017. Year two of Steve Sarkisian and the depth of their roster helps him rebound in 2018.
  16. Eli Manning (Giants) – If OBJ and Saquon are first round picks? If Evan Engram is versatile, Sterling Shepard a good slot option and an improved offensive line to block for Eli is there? Wouldn’t that mean Eli is an above average quarterback in 2018?
  17. Alex Smith (Redskins) – Underrated and in an offense that will throw the ball alot in 2018.
  18. Case Keenum (Broncos) – Their offense will have big games and games in which Keenum is singing from behind.
  19. Jameis Winston (Buccaneers) – I don’t believe in him.
  20. Marcus Mariota (Titans) – Am I sour from the 2017 season? Need to see this offense in the preseason. Marcus is tentatively number 20.
  21. Jimmy Garoppolo (49ers) – The self proclaimed Goat will experience the highs and lows. Im lower on him than most experts. Preseason may effect this current ranking.
  22. Derek Carr (Raiders) – Upside for days.
  23. Mitchell Trubisky (Bears) – Unjustified hype surrounding him. In the statistical sense. In the changing the culture sense, the hype is deserved. Chicago being competitive is good for football. Mitchell may be a year away from being  a consistent Fantasy producer. Expect ups and downs in 2018.
  24. Dak Prescott (Cowboys) – The Cowboys could easily run the ball 58% of the time 2018. Dak could find the endzone rushing and salvage what will be a lackluster fantasy season.
  25. Blake Bortles (Jaguars) – What if? Need to see his mechanics live before I move him up.
  26. Lamar Jackson (Ravens) – He will start for Flacco. If he doesn’t. That means Crabtree, Brown and both rookie tight ends are killing it. Another player ranking which is upside based and tentative.
  27. Andy Dalton (Bengals) – Tyler Boyd or John Ross. One of these guys needs to step up in order for Dalton to be Fantasy relevant again. A run first team with an improved offensive line may produce advantageous gamescipts for the Bengals. Potentially a DFS monster based on the matchup/cost.
  28. Sam Bradford (Cardinals) – When healthy, he is solid. Maybe stream him a game or two before he gets injured.
  29. Josh Mccown (Jets) – He can sling and he will be since the Jets stink.
  30. Ryan Tannehill (Miami)
  31. Tyrod Taylor (Browns)
  32. Joe Flacco (Ravens)
  33. Josh Rosen (Cardinals)
  34. Ryan Fitzpatrick (Buccaneers)
  35. Josh Allen (Bills)
  36. A.J. McCarron (Bills)
  37. Baker Mayfield (Browns)
  38. Jacoby Brissett (Colts)
  39. Nick Foles (Eagles)
  40. Sam Darnold (Jets)

As Always,

(Teams Going Off + Thoughts Flexed In) = Combination Lineups

May the Fantasy Force Be With You.

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