Atlanta Falcons at Philadelphia Eagles Week 1 DFS

Yea, its May and I am analyzing potential Daily Fantasy Sports plays. Week 1 is ridiculous whether I analyze it now or in September. There is bound to be Fantasy Football Sleepers and high costing busts. What taking a look at Week 1 now does? It allows me to gather ideas of which players may perform well without knowing their cost. Picking players solely based on their expected performance pays off in Daily Fantasy Sports. Literally. Leave some salary on the table! Especially Week 1.

The 1st game on the slate is Thursday Night’s Atlanta Falcons at The Philadelphia Eagles. A rematch of the 2017 NFC Divisional Championship matchup. Im expecting big things from the Atlanta Falcons in 2018. They are actually my early Superbowl favorite.

-Will Carson Wentz be the starter?

-Will Julio Jones come out with a 30 point DFS game?

-Who will be the Eagles running back and if its Jay Ajayi? Will he be worth a play? Will any Eagles running back be worth a play? See, here comes the cost factor because receiving running back Corey Clement has potential. Or does he? That Falcons defense is fast!

-Alson Jeffry has proven to be a 2nd half playmaker. Fade!

-Calvin Ridley or Mohammed Sanu? Sanu was money in FanDuel last year.

-Is Austin Hooper worth a play? Maybe he is incorporated into the offense in year 3.

-Zach Ertz is most definitely a play!

-We are either going to have two formidable teams come out put up points or a defensive battle ensuring. Im going with offense including field goals.

Looks like Devonta Freeman or Tevin Coleman are alluding the Moon Man. At least I have a few months.

One things for sure. Thursday through Sunday or Monday games will be a popping! Wander what shenanigans Draftkings and FanDuel will do in 2018. Last year’s mid season change was not cool. Hopefully we get some notice. Either way, I’ll be adapting.

Updates: Alson Jeffery is out, Carson Wentz is out.

This game offers revenge for Julio Jones.

Jay Ajayi practiced with his minor lower body injury (ankle) on Labor Day. Don’t be surprised if running back Darren Sproles sneaks in 30+ snaps. The Eagles backfield will be a coinflip. Ajayi will play, Nelson Agholor will play and Mike Wallace will lineup as the number 1 receiver in Philly.

Expect the Eagles to spread Ertz out and use Dallas Goedert on the field at the same time.

Sanu is a good pivot from Julio Jones if you dare. Sanu’s cost will aid in lineup construction.

As Always,

(Teams Going Off + Thoughts Flexed In) = Combination Lineups

May the Fantasy Force Be With You.

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How the Saints recent signing of running back Mike Gillislee effects their backfield:

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