Is Buffalo Bills Quarterback Josh Allen a Racist?

As an ethical philosopher who specializes in stereotypes, predjudices and racism. I’ve analyzed these specific tweets from Josh Allen. Before anyone who reads this develops an emotional opinion or becomes offended. Please take into the context that I’ve never met Josh Allen nor am I defending his comments. Also in general, (any actions/words) he may have done that are racist or perceived as racist. I may be unaware of considering I am not around the man. I am simply speaking to the mainstream media tweets that are going around as the focul point of the Josh Allen drama. A dangerous decision in itself I guess. Still, it is football related and thats what Im focusing on at the end of the day. Did the Buffalo Bills draft a quarterback who may be racist?

In short. The comments by Josh Allen in this article are racist. But in what context? To understand the context. We must first define racism for this topic. Racism is ever evolving as do humans. While every country in the world presents it’s own unique forms of racism. For the sake of this article. Lets focus on the “United States of America” racism. Perhaps the most confusing form of all.

A basic definition would be: “A dislike and/or hatred for anyone/thing that is different from the you/me/I. Whether a human is aware or unaware of this dislike/hatred. They are still racist. Some to a higher degree and some to less degree. A foundation for this racism being existent in a person is not a “born with concept”. Humans learn racism once born. They can learn it from a variety of concepts. A few concepts but not limited too would be.

The family one is born into, the product one allows themself to develop into from an environment and personal experiences.”

That is the jist of racism in America off the top of my head. If you have any questions or concerns? Leave a comment. I would be obliged to go deeper into the subject because it is extremely deep and I cannot sum up 16 years of studying this topic in one article.

In the U.S.A. There are 2 categories of racism that a human is classified in.

1) Non Evil Racism.

2) Evil Racism.

If you want to read the tweets causing drama around Josh Allen. Sports Illustrated did an article linked below:

The word evil should give you an idea of why Josh Allen’s racist comments are in the non evil category. It appears that his tweets below were sarcastic or playful. Now, there could be behind closed doors evil racism involved or racism that he holds within himself? Only way to know that is by knowing Josh’s (thoughts/emotions). Which I do not.

I simply read a tweet and analyzed. Too often people make it a “black or white” thing because of personal bias. When in reality if they were to take a step back and analyze his tweets. They are simple comments tweeted that display Josh may not have an understanding of why we are where we are at in today’s society? In relation to racism that is.

Its that non evil racism that many of you witness and/or partake in daily. Its the comments said as a joke. Its the comments said to fit in. Its the comments said to poke fun at the differences between a you and I. Josh’s comments do not take into account the racial undertones that they deliver when read by others.

His usages of nigga is common verbage used by many that perpetuate racism in those who learn it. They are by no means evil. His usage of the word white are common verbage used to poke fun at evil racist (not that he was thinking that). But it is common for people to poke fun at obviously racist people by making comments such as this.

All racist, non evil racist in specific can develop into other forms of racism that would be a higher degree of perpetuating the problem today. I’ve never met Josh so I don’t know if these tweets are signs or if these tweets are common non evil verbage from a decent person. What I do know, is that these comments are a form of racism and millions speak similarly on the daily. Which ultimately perpetuates racism into the future generations.

The why and how are key components to understanding a racist in order to try to influence a (progressive/positive) change towards becoming a non racist. Even evil racist can be changed once understood (how/why) they became evil.

In order to improve this wonderful land I play Fantasy Football on. Understanding stereotypes, predjudices and racism needs to be done. In order to implement positive change. One must wear the other’s (feet/shoes/flip flops) or in this case. Cleats!

My challenge is for all of you to look in the mirror and address yourselves. Are you an evil racist? Are you a non evil racist? Why are you this way? How did you become this way? There is a tetitous process to ridding yourself of this racism. It starts in your mind, heart and soul. If you choose not to address it? Well, thats what makes this land what it is. Neighbors living side by side, different and similar in many aspects. The key is to respect yourself and others. Respects eachother’s opinions. (This does not apply to people who simple suck or who are evil racist. We can try to implement positive change within them. It is a challenge and can be dangerous at times. At the end of the day, if we at least tried. We can move forward knowing that we tried, even if we failed).

However if we understand why and how they became that way. We can ultimately learn from it and not repeat the same in the future. Because boy oh boy do humans tend to repeat the same mistakes.

Another article references the tweets about AJ McCarron.

In my opinion Josh Allen’s words display the character and thought process of hundreds of thousands of people, that I’ve encountered in my lifetime. It doesn’t mean he won’t be successful in the NFL, it doesn’t mean he is evil and it certainly doesn’t mean he won’t improve. Hopefully fellow players can enlighten him. Hopefully he actively listens and makes the true effort to wear another’s cleats. Maybe in time the non evil racism will lessen or maybe it just won’t be exploited? I say lessen because in order to rid one’s self of racism. One must dedicate years, make it a lifestyle, analyze the (mind/heart/soul) and that is just step 1. The process of not being racist is a daily one because the moment one does not analyze themself, is the moment they become racist.

Either way, Lamar Jackson is where its at for Fantasy Football in 2018! Sleeper Alert!

As Always,

(Teams Going Off + Thoughts Flexed In) = Combination Lineups

May the Fantasy Force Be With You.

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