Brandin Cooks Trade (2018 NFL Draft, Fantasy Football Impact and Future Trade Potential).

With the recent trade of wide receiver Brandin Cooks to the Los Angeles Rams. There is a lot of chatter that the New England Patriots are accumulating draft picks for a big move in this year’s NFL Draft. So I figured I’d voice my opinion on the matter and of course the Fantasy Football Impact!

The New England Patriots moved Brandin Cooks because they didn’t want to pay him next season? This makes sense as the Patriots often get value for a player who is due to hit the free agent market. Versus paying him. Most recently, Jimmy Garoppolo. The Patriots held onto Tom Brady’s air apparent until they finally traded him last season to the San Francisco 49ers. A move that was wise because the Pats clearly couldn’t pay him the contract he would desire.

Brandin Cooks is do a big payday next year and we all know the Patriots are stingy with their monies. So find a trade partner in the Rams and perfecto! Receiving a 1st round pick is in return for Cooks is definitely max value. The Rams lost Sammie Watkins this off season which hurt their offense. Sammie stretched the defense and commanded the defense’s coverage. Or at least their attention during the opponent’s week of preparation.

The Rams wide receivers are good and with a deep threat in Cooks. The offense is potent! Robert Woods is a legit #2 wide receiver with #1 wr experience in Buffalo and L.A. last year. However he is not a stand alone true #1. Losing Sammie would have effected his fantasy value in 2018. Cooper Kupp can now maintain his slot presence with Cooks lining up as the #1 wr. Woods and Cooks will probably rotate while Kupp owns his slot position. This is great news for Fantasy Football Friends. Josh Reynolds was exciting last year but never came through. He would have been the Fantasy Sleeper if not for the acquisition of Cooks. Reynolds is now relegated to his 4th wr position where he belongs for the time being.

Jared Goff clearly benefits while Tom Brady loses slight fantasy value. Brady will use Chris Hogan which increases his value. Still I’m cautious on Hogan due to his injury history. Todd Gurley benefits too and is in line to be a top fantasy back again in 2018. He will not be facing 8 in the box with Cooks in the mix. Cooks will be more consistent than Sammie Watkins was. All year long Sammie Watkins put up duds. Cooks will be consistent and garner a few catches per game minimum. Although his big play capabilities and name recognition will push his Daily Fantasy Sports value to questionable highs. Robert Woods will once again be the value in Los Angeles with Cooper Kupp occasionally putting up 20+ point fantasy production.

The Rams giving up the 23rd overall pick means losing a potential starter. While the Patriots got max value in return. A win win for both clubs as the Rams are expected to sign Cooks to a long term deal. The Rams gained what they couldn’t through the draft. A proven #1 deep threat that is crucial to the success of their offensive schemes. They also got the Patriot’s 4th round pick while giving up their 6th pick. Edge goes to the Rams as they push to win a playoff game in 2018.

The New England Patriots now have two first round picks ( #23 and #31), two second round draft picks ( #43 and #63) and a third round pick ( #95 ) in the 2018 NFL Draft. Trading two first round picks for Odell Beckham Jr. is unlikely considering Beckham is due a huge contract come 2019. With the Patriots history of moving stars expecting big pay days, Odell coming off an injury and beinh himself on/off the field. The scenerio of drafting a quarterback such as Mason Rudolph is more likely. Using a first or second round pick on Rudolph or a top quarterback who falls past the Arizona Cardinals at pick #15.

The Patriots also have leverage to move up in the draft. Targeting a quarterback, an elite edge rusher, elite safety such as Derwin James or Minkah Fitzpatrick. In my opinion I think the Patriots plan on staying pat. Using the 23rd pick to draft a defensive player and using the 31st pick on Texas A & M’s Wide Receiver Christian Kirk. In my latest Mock Draft ( I have the Patriots nabbing Kirk with pick 31.

The patriots will use their first four picks on a defensive player (edge rusher/hybrid linebacker), Christian Kirk, offensive lineman (tackle) and a quarterback.

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May the Fantasy Force Be With You.

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7 thoughts on “Brandin Cooks Trade (2018 NFL Draft, Fantasy Football Impact and Future Trade Potential).

    1. Ridley is going to be a 10-15 yr pro. Consistent and landing in NE would do him well. Ridley could do work from the slot but he isnt as shifty as the rbs/wrs NE uses. Pats will draft an edge rusher/lb, db or kirk rd 1.


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