New York Giants Trading Odell Beckham Jr.

The New York Giants select defensive lineman Bradley Chubb. With the New York Giants fielding calls for Odell Beckham Jr. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Giants trade down in the 1st round or maybe a trade involving a team’s 2019 1st round pick for Odell Beckham Jr.

Last August I ranked Odell Beckham Jr. outside the top 4 wrs before his injury occurred. His on and off the field antics, a poor running game and lackluster offensive line attributed to the reasoning. Couple that with a broken ankle, his actions and I just don’t see Odell returning to his elite status in 2019. Still a top ten talent but definitely not a 1st or 2nd round Fantasy Draft pick.

Tackle Nate Solder and Lineback Alec Olgetree are huge acquisitions. Moving Odell for draft picks may be just what the Giants need to become a good team again. Now, two first round picks may not happen and hopefully the Giants will back off of that to compete in 2018. Odell may find himself out of the NFL soon with another injury anyways. He certainly wouldn’t be worth $15+ million a year. With uncertainty around where is his head at and the Giants needing to improve across the board. Talent comes and goes. It takes dedication, self control and production to stay at the top of the wide receiver rankings. I just don’t see Odell producing for the long haul as he did in his first three seasons. The Giants need to get multiple draft picks for Odell while his stock is high!

So will another NFL team trade for him and give him a contract extension? He sure would fit nicely in Miami’s offense but head coach Adam Gase may not want the locker room issues. Let alone Odell’s irresponsible behavior in Miami, Florida.

The Washington Redskin’s offense would be a great fit and they can offer up the #13 pick in 2018 as part of the deal. The Green Bay Packers would reap benefits if they acquired Odell. Maybe Aaron Rodgers could get through to Odell. If so, the Packers would give up pick 14 in 2018. The packers usually build through the draft but this off season they have been active so ya never know.

As the Seatlle Seahawks continue to turn over players. Adding Odell in a trade involving Kam Chancellor, pick 18 this year and a 2nd or 3rd rounder in the future? If Seattle believes their system can control Odell and his health is 100%. Odell would be a true #1 wr to build around in their eyes as they transition their offensive scheme.

Two other options would be the Los Angeles Rams and Carolina Panthers. The Rams have the money and the Panthers want speed at the wide out position. One team is primed for a run while the Panthers defensive is aging quickly and Cam Newton needs the help before that window closes!

What should the Giants do? Trade Odell Beckham Jr. while he has value and not focus on receiving two 1st round picks in return? Move the expense, headache and focus on winning while Eli Manning is still here? The Giants have weapons on offense in Sterling Shepard out of the slot and Evan Ingram as a top notch TE/WR option. They should get value in this year’s draft in order to sure up the offensive line, running back position and add depth across the board on defense. Are they trading Eli Apple? Too many needs and questions for the Giants. However sitting on Odell Beckham Jr. and letting his potential hold out linger into the 2018 may just be the start of another poor season for Giant’s fans.

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