To Draft, Too High & Two Low!

Easy breezy? Fantasy Football Friends know the struggle in drafting a quality lineup. To pull the trigger on a reach or remain lax on a thought can be the building block for a rewarding season or dagger in the Fantasy World!

The studs and statistics are the foundation. Studs offer us stress free starts. While stats provide us with knowledge to make the correct selection. The two together give Fantasy Friends common sense. Other than injuries or unforseen circumstances disrupting the Studs. Fantasy Football is easier when you develop and implement a draft strategy consistently. Do not pull back in the draft room when a player gives you an option to stray the course. Trust your rankings, build your team and hit that waiver wire every week. Draft studs, sleepers, players who drop to you when the only reason they droppes is media non sense and resist the urge to draft players solely off of 1 solid Fantasy year. Just a few quick tips as I am forgetting to mention a million things.

To Draft

Minnesota Running Back Running Back Dalvin Cook. Latavius Murray will not be starting week 1 due to his health and Cook’s time put in this off season. Mike Zimmer will reward this rookie with 12-25 touches per game the 1st quarter of the NFL season.

Staying in Minnesota. Tight End Kyle Rudolph is consistent, red zone material and Sam Bradford‘s favorite target. Bradford has targeted tight ends throughout his career and will continue in 2017.

Ezekiel Elliot falling past picks 3, 4 and 5 is absurd. Scoop him up and watch the 1,500 rushing yards pile up.

Dak Prescott finished 6th in standard scoring Fantasy leagues in 2016. He will only get better in year 2? Moon Man doesn’t see a top 9 finish in 2017. With that said, Fantasy Friends need to draft Dak if value presents itself.

Drew Brees is old. Adrian Peterson and Mark Ingram will help this old head see single coverage more often. If Brees falls off in 2017. 4,500 passing yards is still solid. Over thinking the potential end of this stud’s fantasy career is non sense. Draft Brees when others reach for the lesser quarterbacks because Brees has to fall off?

Andy Dalton will be a #1 Fantasy Quarterback multiple weeks in 2017. How can he not with so many weapons. The kid is underrated in the Fantasy Football World. 4,000+ passing yards with 27 touchdowns is possible!

Too High

Odell Beckham Jr. will not finish as a top 4 Fantasy Football wide receiver in 2017. So draft accordingly. He is not a top 5 fantasy selection in my opinion.

Tyrod Taylor is not a top ten fantasy quarterback in 2017. He has finished in the top ten the past two seasons under head coach Rex Ryan. Tyrod will be unseated by 5th round rookie Nathan Peterman (

Rob Gronkowski is 100% healthy for the 1st time in a long time. Still, moon man never drafts him because of Belichickanigans.

Travis Kelce is a stud but Moon Man suggest drafting a running back or wide receiver in rounds 1-5. Fill in tight ends down the road. Travis Kelce is worth the early pick. Moon Man coaches up at the tight end spot and with depth at the positions nowadays. Why not draft two or three tight ends to rock with depending on weekly matchups?

Two Low

Derek Carr will be a top 5 standard scoring quarterback in 2017. Draft him accordingly.

Sammie Watkins is an injury waiting to happen. He is also in a contract year, at his healthiest in years and an athletic mutant.

As Always,

(Teams Going Off + Thoughts Flexed In) = Combination Lineups

May the Fantasy Force Be With You.

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