The 2017 NFC South is Fantasy Football Points Galore!

Moon Man’s Fantasy Football Chronicles: “Four Fantasy Relevant NFC South Off-Season Questions.”

1) Is Tampa Bay a Fantasy Powerhouse?

2) Will Carolina regain Championship form?

3) Is New Orleans still Fantasy Fun?

4) Will Matt Ryan repeat his top 5 Fantasy performance?

By far the most exciting off season moves in relation to Fantasy Football happened in this division. The NFC South will be the highest scoring division in 2017. I don’t mean Desean Jackson suddenly being what he is not or Jameis Winston throwing for 40+ touchdowns. So stay humble buccs fans as Desean Jackson will miss games and Jameis will still sling interceptions. There will be multiple games in which Tampa Bay puts up 40+ points and most likely those games will be interdivisional. Daily Fantasy Sport’s lineups need to strategically use players from this division’s matchups. With Fantasy Friends already aware of Drew Brees and the Saints DFS value. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers join the Atlanta Falcons as weekly must starts. Especially interdivisional matchups this upcoming season!

The Carolina Panthers will return to 2015 offensive form but without the Ted Ginn Jr. factor (DFS scoring) and a Championship caliber defense. Cam Newton is refocused and his play will improve in 2017 for Fantasy Friends. Cam Newton will make the necessary adjustments in order to utilize rookie Christian Mccaffrey’s talents.

As for Jonathan Stewart’s value? Moon Man sees the opportunity in Christian Mccaffrey as the weeks go bye. Posting double digit receptions. This kid might go for 88 receptions and Greg Olsen is a constant. Thats the league fantasy value for consistency. Cam, Christian and good ol Greg. Sure Jonathan Stewart will score points weekly like Frank Gore but moon man likes upside. Mccaffrey will be playing more than Stewart by week 1 at San Francisco. Followed by homes games versus Buffalo and New Orleans. Carolina should get off to a hot 3-0 start. This offense will put up points regardless of  the question marks surrounding Kelvin Benjamin, Curtis Samuel and Devin Funchess. Who will be inconsistent all season.

Mike Evans on the otherhand will prosper with Desean Jackson involved. Mike Evans may finish as the top fantasy wide receiver in 2017 or Bust. It is fair to rank him after Antonio Brown, Julio Jones and Odell Beckham Jr. Yet risky drafting him ahead of proven A.J. Green, Jordy Nelson and Michael Thomas. Evans could poop out again while Michael will at worst repeat his 2016 performance. Moon Man likes Evans in Daily Fantasy Sports but hopes he isn’t forced to drafting him round 1.

Michael Thomas will prosper with Adrian Peterson in town and the two could put up 3,000 yards and 23 touchdowns if given the opportunity. Not enough opportunity in New Orleans may present itself with AP. While Thomas is rising up draft boards with his #1 wide receiver status. Drew Brees and Sean Payton still reign supreme in the Fantasy Football World.

Back in real football world. The Atlanta Falcons are primed to repeat 2016 in all aspects including fantasy numbers. The roster is basically the same and Austin Hooper will start at tight end week 1. Seeing targets with the DFS studs Julio Jones, Muhamad Sanu and Taylor Gabriel at wide receiver. Matt Ryan will be a top ten fantasy quarterback again and the Falcons should compete with Carolina for the NFC South Divisional Crown. Don’t Sleep on Austin Hooper who could finish just outside the top ten ends in 2017.


As Always,

(Teams Going Off + Thoughts Flexed In) = Combination Lineups

May the Fantasy Force Be With You.

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