NFL Reduces Le’Veon Bell’s 4 game suspension.

Le’Veon Bell is climbing up the Draft Boards with the recent news of his reduced suspension. Never has a 4 game suspension had so much Fantasy implications. Oh wait, Tom Brady? Thats why Moon Man is here. To help break down players’ fantasy value. The Pittsburgh Steelers running back had his 4 game suspension for missed drug tests reduced to just 3 games. Fantasy Friends Exhaled! Le’Veon Bell’s ADP which had him going in the late 1st round at best has changed. Bell is once again atop the running back Rankings. As he should be. Moon Man never dropped him below the #4 running back (

Le’Veon Bell will return from suspension week 4 versus the Kansas City Chiefs. The reduced suspension drops DeAngelo William’s value and boosts Ben Roethlisberger’s value. Big Ben thrives with Bell in the passing game. Bell is a top notch pass blocker and the best running back out of the backfield today. Le’Veon Bell is a Fantasy Stud. To the Fantasy Friends who overlooked him. Implement a short memory and onto the next move.

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One thought on “NFL Reduces Le’Veon Bell’s 4 game suspension.

  1. Le’Veon Bell will finish as the best back in all formats come season’s end. People overlooking him for sure moon man. Feel ya with this article.

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