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The AFC  EAST is dominated with Fantasy Combinations. Each team in this division offers up a draft worth combo. Some require weekly matchup based starts while others will offer value the majority of the Fantasy Football season. Lets take a look Daily Fantasy Sports and Fantasy Football League Friends.

Buffalo Bills

Tyrod Taylor – Sammie Watkins

For Fantasy Leagues this combination is achievable. Sammie Watkins is going around round 3. Tyrod Taylor can be scooped up come round 12+. When Tyrod Taylor throws touchdowns. He makes sure to throw those touchdowns to Sammie Watkins. The play-action GO is Buffalo’s bread and butter big play. Moon Man likes wide receivers Golden TateKelvin Benjamin and Amari Cooper over Sammie Watkins (

Tyrod Taylor – Charles Clay

Charles Clay is the tight end option in Buffalo and will be in on all 3 downs. Matchup based starter at best currently. Worth drafting in fantasy football leagues? Cannot find a reason why at the moment.

Miami Dolphins

Ryan Tannehill – Jarvis Landry

Jarvis Landry is a Beast. The target machine will see 140+ targets and special teams opportunities. Will he find the end zone is the key with Landry. Double digit touchdowns for Landry is  a stretch with Jordan Cameron, Arian Foster out of the backfield, Jay Ajayi inside the 5 yard line and Devante Parker on the field. The lack of touchdown production keeps Landry out of the Top 5 receivers. Moon Man loves Jarvis Landry for his targets and touches. Moon Man’s Fantasy Football Common Sense is going off. ALERT: upside alone should put him in the top 10 conversation more often. Landry has the chance to step up and be like his Fantasy Friend Odell Beckham in 2016. A stat-line of 145 targets, 101 receptions, 1,195 yards and 7 touchdowns is realistic in the case of Landry. 

Ryan Tannehill – Devante Parker

The main reason Landry’s targets will go down from the 167 in 2015 is Devante Parker. Fantasy Friends know he came on in the latter part of the 2015 season. In reality Parker fits the part. Size and Speed are there. Ability to produce and be efficient with his targets is now the question Fantasy Experts should be looking at. “Do we believe in Ryan Tannehill behind the Miami Dolphin’s offensive line?” is a question when drafting either Fantasy Combination ( The choice is yours Fantasy FriendsDaily Fantasy Sports is a different story. A story of weekly value based on the matchup and for a majority of the season. Miami Dolphins receivers will provide a low cost for their value in DFS. Combined with other quarterbacks of course unless Tannehill improves his weekly consistency.

New England Patriots

Jimmy Garoppolo – Martellus Bennett

Up the middle and towards the sideline brings 23+ receptions for the first 4 games. Enter Tom Brady week 5 and Martellus Bennett’s redzone value increases. Moon Man likes Bennett more than most in 2016 and has him ranked as the #7 tight end in Fantasy Football.

Tom Brady – Rob Gronkowski

Gronktellus” is a magnificent fantasy combination ( Gronk and Martellus will produce in Fanatsy Football come September. Gronkowski is again a late 1 st round pick in Fanatsy Drafts and Martellus Bennett is better than Coby Fleener in 2016.

Wild Card

Tom Brady – Chris Hogan

There is Sleeper Hype with this Fantasy Combination. Chris Hogan is unproven in the Fantasy Football world because the lack of targets sent his way. Apparently Chris Hogan is a fit for the Patriot’s offense. Well of course he is. The Patriots make moves. Fantasy Friends should take note and respect the Belichickanigans. Late September Sleeper Alert for Chris Hogan in Daily Fantasy Sports.

New York Jets

Ryan Fitzpatrick – Brandon Marshall

Thank the Fantasy Football Gods Ryan Fitzpatrick returned ( Fitz’s return has Brandon Marshall sitting at the Top 10 WRs table in 2016. Whether the a Jets win or lose. Brandon Marshall will get targets. Whether the Fitzpatrick starts slinging interceptions or not this season. Fitz will find his dependable wr and send redzone targets Marshall’s way all season long. Brandon Marshall is going in the 2nd round of Fantasy Drafts. Fantasy Friends should feel safe selecting him with a 88 catch, 1,100 yard – 6 touchdown floor.

Ryan Fitzpatrick – Eric Decker

Touchdown potent Fantasy Combination right here. Decker on the slant route and breaking open a few big plays is a lock. Just a matter of matchups with Decker. Eric Decker was consistent in 2015 and is nice draft pick is he falls past his ADP of the 6th round. Moon Man hopes Fantasy Friends decide to draft at least 2 wide receivers before the option of selecting Decker arises. WRs are flying to the Moon in Fantasy Drafts this year!

As Always,

(Teams Going Off + Thoughts Flexed In) = Combination Lineups

May the Fantasy Force Be With You.

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  1. Need tee shirts for The afc east is good. Your article is interesting. Ill give you that. What are some poor combinations not to use moon man???

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