Tom Brady to “GRONKTELLUS” Combination

Warning: Tom Brady Praise Ahead! On day 1 of Free Agency. The New England Patriots didn’t land WR Marvin Jones. Keep that in your mind as you read the Moon Man’s summary of the Patriots Off-Season so far.

Wait another day and come Day 3 the New England Patriots sign WR Chris Hogan and DE Frank Kearse. At first glance Moon Man thought of the “Freak” Jevon Kearse. Remember that beast. 6″ 4 and ran close to a 4.43 forty and those big hands. Madden circled Jevon Kearse many times on the TV for us. A Boom Wap, now thats a Decleater! But yeah, the 7th round pick Frank Kearse is a journeyman and the New England Patriots are his 6th team in 5 seasons ( Miami Dolphins, Carolina Panthers, Tennessee Titans, Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins ).

WR Chris Hogan was undrafted and the Buffalo Bills don’t have the quarterback to use his skill set efficiently. Patriots fans should be excited about this signing. I think Bill Belichick, Josh McDaniels and the Offensive players will be a fit once again this upcoming season. There will be many Fantasy Outburst from the Patriots in 2016. Roster Depth is common sense and with Julian Eldeman, Rob Gronkowski, Martellus Bennett, James White, Dion Lewis, Aaron Dobson and Danny Amendola all aboard. The Patriots are building for another Superbowl run in 2016.

Tom Brady has proved before that with injuries to multiple players. The Patriots still get to the Playoffs and that’s all a fan can ask for when gazing up at the Moon.

  1. The New England Patriots Fantasy Football Analysis begins and ends with Tom Brady. Consistent at the QB position. Multiple times throughout the Fantasy season Tom Brady puts up top 5 fantasy stats. When he doesn’t. Its due to Belichickanigans, a Jonas Gray outburst of tds or the rare poor fantasy performance. There are signs that point to a Tom Brady poor performance. Similar to stars in the sky. These signs are an injury to number #1 target Julian Eldeman or Touchdown machine Rob Gronkowski. Common sense? No, because if Eldeman is out then its the next man up in Danny Amendola. Which is why Moon Man focuses on the matchup when analyzing Belichickanigans.
  2. Bill Belichick is the Head Coach for the upcoming season. This means the same winning ways and gameplans per matchup. Fantasy Football player predictions become easier by understanding how Belichick approaches each NFL team.
  3. How does Tom Brady get these offensive weapons the ball? Who is healthy? What does history tell us?

The Patriot’s are one of the few NFL teams where fantasy football analysis becomes easy at times. Like the Sun Shining bright on the Moon. Belichickanigans lead to offensive production via Tom Brady. Needless to say, Moon Man thinks the Chris Hogan signing improves Brady’s fantasy outlook for 2016.

With Brady.

Is his DFS weekly tag too high?

  • Tom Brady’s tag will be high every week. Its Tom Brady!
  • With Peyton Manning’s recent retirement. Moon Man is enjoying Tom’s feet in the pocket, downward spiraling darts to average height wide receivers over the middle, playaction bombs where Tom lets it fly and the best moments are when Tom sticks it to a defender on a rare run.
  • Matchups make it easier to pinpoint which games Tom Brady will qb sneak a touchdown. Knowing Belichickanigans any player can score on any given play.


When is when a reach in Fantasy Football Leagues?

Moon Man understands his consistency. Tom Brady does get overlooked in fantasy pre-season rankings. The Hype around mobile stud Cam Newton or the nimble Aaron Rodgers overshadow Tom’s consistency? Check out Moon Man’s current Fantasy Quarterback Rankings:

Shout out for Tom Brady toooooo The Moon and Back! No 50 tds for Brady this upcoming season. Without Randy Moss, Wes Welker and Benjamin Watson. Moon Man doesn’t think Martellus Bennett, Rob Gronkowski and Julian Eldeman will produce 50 touchdowns. Martellus Bennett will move the chains, block and score touchdowns. Gronk will see 100+ targets and score double digit tds this 2016 fantasy season. Moon Man values the greatest fantasy tight and thinks Belichickanigans will use the Martellus-Gronk combination to Fantasy Football’s liking.

Makes Moon Man think of how Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski produced in reality and fantasy. Here on the Moon Bennett will easily rack up 50+ receptions – 700+ yards and 10+ touchdowns. In honor of the sound bite legend John Madden. Lets pick a nickname for this new tight end duo.


GronkTellus the Fantasy Football Gods will be in the Top 5 for Tight Ends?

Last year brought us fresh tight ends and bucked the trend of previous years’ inconsistent tight end headache in the fantasy world. Let’s rank the top 20 Fantasy Football Tight Ends for 2016.

  1. Rob Gronkowski – Patriots.
  2. Jordan Reed – Redskins.
  3. Greg Olsen – Panthers.
  4. Tyler Eifert – Bengals.
  5. Delanie Walker – Titans.
  6. Travis Kelce – Chiefs.
  7. Martellus Bennett – Patriots.
  8. Julius Thomas – Jaguars.
  9. Coby Fleener – Saints.
  10. Gary Barnidge – Browns.
  11. Antonio Gates – Chargers.
  12. Zach Ertz – Eagles.
  13. Jimmy Graham – Seahawks.
  14. Dwayne Allen – Colts.
  15. Jason Witten – Cowboys.
  16. Vance McDonald – 49ers.
  17. Eric Ebron – Lions.
  18. Ben Watson – Ravens.
  19. Jared Cook – Packers.
  20. Kyle Rudolph – Vikings.


Martellus Bennett was drafted in the second round of the 2008 Draft by the Dallas Cowboys. The Fantasy Impact of a Bennett-Jason Witten combination never came to fruition and Bennett was out after 4 disappointing seasons.

2008 – 20 receptions – 283 yards – 4 tds.

2009 – 15 rec. – 159 yards.

2010 – 33 rec. – 260 yards.

2011 – 17 rec. –  144 yards.

Next the New York Giants:

2012 – 55 rec. – 626 yards 5 tds.

Then the Chicago Bears:

2013 –  65 rec. – 759 yards – 5 tds.

2014 –  90 rec. – 916 yards – 6 tds.

2015 –  53 rec. – 439 yards – 3 tds.

Now the New England Patriots?

2016 – 76 rec. – 894 yards – 10 tds??

Rob Gronkowski:

2016 – 84rec. – 1,051 yards – 12 tds???

RBs James White and Dion Lewis.

WRs Julian Eldeman and Company.

The New England Patriots get an A+ from Moon Man! Come Day 7 the Pats re-signed DB Nate Ebner and acquired a starting offensive guard in Jonathan Cooper. Cooper was the 7th overall pick by the Arizona Cardinals in the 2013 NFL Draft. Patriots also got the 61st overall pick in this year’s draft. The Cardinals got a solid fantasy IDP in DE/LB Chandler Jones.

Day 9 brought Martellus Bennett and on Day 10 the Patriot’s signed DE Chris Long to replace Chandler Jones. The Pats Also signed LB Shea McClellin and RB Donald Brown.

Day 12 – Moon Man decides to reflect on the New England Patriots further. By trading for a former 1st round pick in Jonathan Cooper and addressing a weakness on the o-line. The Patriots kinda drafted in the 1st round this year? Remember Deflategate? Well, the Patriots were penalized their 2016 1st round draft pick. Great trade eh?

Even Chris Long sided with the Patriots back when Deflategate was making headlines. Here are some studs the Patriots still Moon Rock with:

LB – Jamie Collins, Jon Bostic, Jonathan Freeny and Dont’a Hightower.

DL – Rob Ninkovich and Chris Long. Patriots have to address this issue in the Draft.

DB – Devin McCourty and Malcolm Butler. Address in Draft.

New England Patriots 2016 Draft Picks:

2nd Round

Pick 60 (NE).

Pick 61 (from Cardinals).

Pick 91  (NE).

Pick 96 (Compensation Pick)– Another reason why the trade with the Cardinals happened. The Patriots did lose Vince Wilfork, Brandon Browner and Darrelle Revis in 2015. Teams get compensated hence compensation pick Fantasy Friends.

Patriots have 7 picks in Rounds 6 and 7 for a total of 11.

Current Fantasy Dart Throw Free Agents the Patriot’s haven’t re-signed:

RB – Legarrette Blount.

WR – BrandonLaFell.

TE – Scott Chandler.


The 2016 NFL off season is exciting to say the least. Patience is Virtue holds truth for the NFL fan. Its when January arrives and teams with coaching vacancies begin to submit request to speak with playoff teams’ coordinators. The NFL teams with big name players that we know will hit the Free Agent market come March. The combine and potential Draft Pick trades that alter Mock Drafts. These are wonderful examples of why Patience is Virtuous during the off season.

The best example the Moon Man would share with Fantasy Friends is? Belichik! Yes, Belichickanigans all Fantasy Football season may gives us headaches.

However, during the off season. Fantasy Football Football Friends have no need to forecast what the Hooded Master may do. Remember Day 1 when Marvin Jones slipped through the Patriots grasp? Instead LB Ramon Humber signed a 1 year deal.

As Always,

(Teams Going Off + Thoughts Flexed In = Combination Lineups)

May the Fantasy Force be with you,

Moon Man 

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