Fantasy QB-WR Combinations

Fantasy Football Combinations.

Teddy BridgewaterLaquon Treadwell/Stefon Diggs

Laquon Treadwell could easily put up 72 receptions with 8 tds in 2016. Stefon Diggs should see an increase in targets totalling 100+. Entering year 3 of his career, Teddy should improve further. Stefon Diggs in year 2 as his number one wr. Adrian Peterson creating one on one opportunities for wide receivers and inproving the play action game will continue in 2016. Wide receiver depth is questionable in Minnesota. So Moon Man likes Treadwell, Diggs and Kyle Rudolph to see the majority of the targets. Bridgewater’s career passing yards high was 3,231 with 14 tds – 9 ints in 2015. Look for Teddy to be around 3,543 yards with 18 tds – 8 ints in 2016. Moon Man thinks for the price tag these players will be at weekly. Their combination must be used in lineups per matchup. Unlike the next two combinations which should be used weekly in DFS lineups.

Ben RoethlisbergerAntonio Brown

Antonio is going to get at least 5 catches a game. 5 x 16 = 80 receptions floor. What a guy this Antonio Brown is. The #1 pick overall pick in ppr leagues for Fantasy Football. Moon Man usually selects a running back with the #1 overall pick. However Big Ben to Antonio Brown is the #2 ranked fantasy football combination. 

Blake BortlesAllen Robinson

A Rob snags a variety of passes. Moon Man is doubling down on his ability to make the big play that scores touchdowns. Fourteen to Eighteen touchdowns in 2016 is reasonable. Allen “the reel” Robinson is poised to have his best season yet in year 3. Allen Hurns as well. It’s not rocket science! It’s Fantasy Science! Otherwise known as Common Sense!

Russell WilsonRussell Wilson

Super Beast! Russell is now an Elite Fantasy Quarterback. He will improve on his career high in passing last season ( 4,024 yards, 34 tds – 8 ints ). Combined with his 553 rushing yards in 2015. It is Russell’s show with Beastmode retired. Quarterbacks like Blake Bortles and Russell Wilson are studs in 2016!

It is important to understand the quarterback change that is occurring in Fantasy Football. Peyton Manning is retired, Tom Brady suspended 4 games, Drew Brees lack of chemistry at the wideout position and Aaron Rodgers injury prone offense in Green Bay must be looked at. Quarterbacks like Cam Newton, Russell Wilson and Blake Bortles are at the helm weekly. These changes are obvious to Moon Man. Fantasy Friends need to look at Marcus Mariota, Derek Carr, Teddy Bridgewater and Kirk Cousins. Will any of these quarterbacks finish in the top 3 at season’s end? Probably not. Regardless of their overall season. Their weekly cost in DFS may be a better value then the obvious elite quarterbacks!

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