Daily Fantasy Sports Reflection (Pro Bowl)

Moon Man thinks Fantasy Football Season 2015 is in the books. Stories were written, heroes were picked, lineups were crushed and the glory to those who were victorious! Let’s take a moment to reflect on Moon Man’s Pro Bowl/Superbowl DFS.

Carolina Panthers 10

Denver Broncos 24

♥Cam Newton fumbled the ball, over threw wide receivers and the Carolina Panthers lost.

♣The Denver Broncos Defense contained Cam.

  • Forcing fumbles.
  • Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware were phenomenal.
  • DeMarcus ending the 1st half on a sack was classic.
  • Aqib Talib’s 15 yard personal foul for cleary grasping Corey “Philly” Brown’s facemask and twisting-turning him into the ground. The football player in me enjoyed it. And understood he was making a statement. No way any of those wideouts could make plays. A few plays could have been made if Cam threw the ball with ease like he did all season.
  • Was it the magnitude of the game? Whatever it was. Cam Newton overthrew Ted Ginn Jr. early in the 1st quarter. I knew my prediction was on point that moment. Just a matter of time.

♦C.J. Anderson did well. Posting 20 fantasy points.

♠Leaving Demaryius Thomas off the top 10 rankings became justified.


Carolina scored 1 touchdown week 16 @ Atlanta Falcons. Their only loss of the 2015 season. Carolina scores 1 touchdown against Denver. 24-10? Not quite the 43-8 beating like the Seattle Seahawks put onto Denver two seasons prior to this year’s Superbowl. Still, it was a beating out the gate.

Since 1995 there have been 4 Superbowl teams that have failed to score at least 2 touchdowns in the game. That’s 4 out of 42 good teams that lost come Superbowl time and did not score more than 1 touchdown in those games. Ouch, because we know that every year the NFL is putting two (good, great or historic) teams on the field. It truly is the sport of life.

Let’s check out those 4 previous Superbowl:

Superbowl XXXV

Kerry Collins threw 4 ints and the G-Men got beasted by the Baltimore Ravens. Jamal Lewis broke 100 yards and scored. Jermaine Lewis scored on an 84 yard kicoff.

34-7 in a blowout.

The Giants were no offensive slouch. Remember the collegiate stud Ron Dayne? Combined with Tiki Barber produced “Thunder and Lightning.The GMEN were nice. Wide receivers were Amani Toomer, Ike Hilliard and Joe Jurevicius. Michael Strahan, Jesse Armstead and Jason Sehorn were studs defensively.


Superbowl XL

Remember Shaun Alexander? Well he played only 9 seasons. The last being in 2008 with the Washington Redskins in which he had just 11 carries. In his rookie campaign he started one game. Ricky Watters was still around in 2000. Shaun finished the season with 64 carries and a 4.9 average per attempt with 2 tds.

From 2001-2005. Shaun Alexander put up epic numbers. Eventually claiming the Madden cover. That was back when Madden still commentated. A boom-wap-bam, now that was a decleater!!

2001– Started 12 games.

-309 attempts- 1,318 yards – 14tds.

-44 receptions – 343 yards – 2tds.


– 295 attempts – 1,175 yards -16tds.

-58 receptions – 460 yards – 2 tds.


-326 attempts – 1,435 yards -14 tds.

– 42 receptions- 295 yards- 2 tds.


– 353 attempts – 1,696yards – 16 tds.

– 23 receptions – 170 yards – 4 tds.


– 370attempts – 1,880 yards – 28tds.

-15 receptions – 78 yards – 1 TD.

Matt Hassleback was a good quarterback and the Seahawks led the NFL in points that season. Only to lose to Bill Cowher‘s Pittsburgh Steelers 21-10. Riding the bus off into the sunset!


Superbowl XLVIII

The Seattle Seahawk’s studs included Russell Wilson, Beastmode and the stellar defense. Pete Carroll‘s hardwork paid dividends and redemption actually happened. With a shocking 43-8 demolishing of the Denver Broncos. As Peyton Manning was beffudled and John Elway’s dreams were crushed.

Regular Season stats:

Peyton Manning stuck it to his fantasy doubters and put up record break numbers:

  • 450 completions for 5,477 yards.
  • A 68.3 completion percentage.
  • 55 tds to 10 ints with a qb rating of 115.1 and a qbr of 81.01.
  • Sacked just 18 times in 650+ dropbacks.

Wide outs were Demaryius Thomas, Wes Welker and Eric Decker.

Tight end – Julius Thomas

Running Back – Knowshon Moreno was free agency gold for fantasy owners.

That brings us to Superbowl 50.

The Carolina Panthers went 15-1 during the regular season. They put up 33+ points 8 times. Come playoffs. They beat the Seattle Seahawks 31-24 and crushed the Arizona Cardinals 49-15. Let’s check out Cam Newton’s regular season stats.

  • 296 completions for 3,837 yards.
  • Qb rating of 99.2 and a 35 TD to 10 int ratio.
  • Cam rushed for 10 touchdowns with a 4.8 yards per carry. Totalling 636 rushing yards.

His #1 target was Greg Olsen who caught 77 balls for 1,104 yards and 7 tds.

So what does all this tell us??? That what appears to be a likely story. Does not always pan out. Many doubted Russell Wilson in Superbowl XLVIII. I mean they were up against Peyton Manning with all those weapons and argueably Peyton had his best defense ever that year. Still, Seattle’s defense proved otherwise. Having the better defense more often than not correlates to winning the Superbowl.

In Superbowl 50 Peyton’s fading arm strength matched up against easily the best team all year in the Carolina Panthers. How would they stop Cam? Could they? There was no way Peyton could move the ball against the league’s best cornerback in Josh Norman and that front seven.

Until gametime. When the Bronco’s defense showed up and showed Carolina the door in a 24-10 stomping.

The 2000 Baltimore Ravens would have shut out the Giants. If not for a Ron Dixon kickoff return to open the second half of Superbowl XXXV. Chalk that game up to the Raven’s defense.

In Superbowl XL, the Steelers defense showed up and contained what was a consistent Seahawks offense that again. Led the NFL in points scored that season. Further supporting that you still need to play the game on Sunday!


Check out the PRE PRO BOWL/SUPERBOWL Rankings and the Numbers that actually were.

QB Rankings

  1. Cam Newton – 12.2 points
  2. Jameis Winston – 11.52 points
  3. Russell Wilson – 20.76 points
  4. Eli Manning – 6 points
  5. David Carr – 9.9 points
  6. Tyrod TaylorTaylor – 7.3 points
  7. Teddy Bridgewater – 12.16 points
  8. Peyton Manning – 3.6 points

Peyton Manning Threw for ZERO Touchdowns……………………………

ANDDDDDDDDDD…WON Superbowl 50!!!

RB Rankings

  1. Jonathan Stewart – 9.8 points
  2. Devonta Freeman – 12.4 points
  3. Doug Martin – 15 points
  4. Todd Gurley – 11.6 points
  5. C.J. Anderson – 20 points
  6. Latavius Murray – 6.8 points
  7. Adrian Peterson – 5.4 points
  8. Darren Sproles – 6.9 points
  9. Ronnie Hillman – 0 points
  10. Chris Ivory – 10.1 points

C.J. Anderson doubled Jonathan Stewart’s Fantasy Points total Superbowl Sunday!

18th - 38,333 entries

WR Rankings

  1. Jarvis Landry – 17.1 points
  2. Odell Beckam Jr. – 2.4 points
  3. Allen Robinson – 21.5 points
  4. Julio Jones – 10.6 points
  5. DeAndre Hopkins – 16.1 points
  6. A.J. Green – 9 points
  7. T.Y. Hilton – 3 points
  8. Emmanuel Sanders – 14.3 points
  9. Ted Ginn Jr. – 11.4 points
  10. Amari Cooper – 3.3 points

Not Ranked:

Denver Broncos #1 WR Demaryius Thomas – 1.8 points!

Your Welcome Fantasy Friends!

TE Rankings

  1. Travis Kelce – 26.10 points 
  2. Delanie Walker – 17 points
  3. Tyler Eifert – 2.1 yards
  4. Greg Olsen – 8.1 points
  5. Gary Barnidge – 3.8 points
  6. Owen Daniels – 2.8 points
  7. Vernon Davis – 0 points

Travis Kelce and Delanie Walker finished #1 and #2 in Fantasy Points!

Nailed It!

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